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     Xuzhou sainuo quartz Co., Ltd. is located in Xinyi City, Jiangsu Province town, is a company specializing in the production of fused quartz of private technology companies. Polysilicon crucible with fused silica level, fused silica nozzle with fused quartz secondary, unshaped refractory materials used fused quartz secondary and a variety of refractory materials with a fused quartz, whether all the technical indicators and the real application effect at home and abroad are first-class products, products in the domestic and international have achieved good performance, the company is currently with many well-known domestic enterprises and multinational corporations has a broad and close business cooperation, the company is actively expanding production capacity, continuous innovation, improve the level of process and technology, take the road to quality, better service provided to our customers.

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Contact :Ji Mingguang (Manager) Telephone:0516-88663668 Pass true :0516-88663669 ddress :In the three industrial zone Xinyi city Jiangsu Province, town China