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What are the uses of fused quartz?
time:2015-07-06 Author:admin

    Fused Silica what purposes? I believe most people do not know, here fused silica producers can explain to you in detail.

    Fused silica is what ingredients constitute it? Silicon oxide is fused silica (quartz, silica) amorphous (glassy). It is typical of glass, its long-range disordered atomic structure. It offers its high temperature and low thermal expansion coefficient of three-dimensional cross-linked structure.

    Fused silica is mainly used for precision casting, glass ceramics, refractories and electronic appliances and other industries.
    Purity fused silica: a special silica content of not less than 99.99%, a not less than 99.96%, two of not less than 99.95%, not less than 99.7% three, four not less than 99.6% .
Fused silica mainly as refractory, ceramic materials and glass materials, epoxy resin casting, electronic seal materials, the main raw material ideal electric light, medical, foundry, and other industries, also paints, coatings and other chemical industries filler.

    Read the above description, you have to know whether the use of fused silica it?

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