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The main raw material quartz ceramic crucible tongs
time:2015-07-07 Author:admin

      Quartz ceramic crucible tongs in many areas has a very important purpose, which is mainly due to its high temperature, corrosion-resistant properties. The emergence of these characteristics and the main raw material of his production has a very large relationship. Here we take a look at him in the main production of raw materials is what?

      Quartz is the use of high-purity ceramic crucible tongs for raw materials made of fused silica, which makes it more than a silica content of 99.9%. It is because it's such a raw material constituting characteristics, making this material has a lot of very useful features.

      Silica quartz ceramics makes the crucible is a tool for easy modification. Because of this silica has a smaller thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity so small, so that he can withstand high temperatures, under such circumstances, even under high temperature and will not have a greater deformation. In addition, the structure, it is also a very fine structure has a tool that it has good stability

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