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Structural configuration properties of fused silica crucible tongs
time:2015-07-07 Author:admin

     The main component of quartz ceramic crucible tongs are silica, the content of such substances in excess of 99.9%. It is also because of his characteristic of this substance content, making it something very special form of structural characteristics. Further, this kind of characteristic structure also makes it produced some good specific other areas.
     First of all, just from the physical structure point of view, since the crucible is a high-purity fused silica fused silica as the raw material, so that it has the structural characteristics of this quartz silica component. We all know that the quartz structure is very fine. In this material into a ceramic crucible tongs, also with a quartz itself has a fine structure.
     Quartz ceramic crucible tongs with a fine structure, letting the crucible of this nature have the following aspects. On the one hand it has a strong heat resistance, which is due to its low thermal conductivity. And he also has a very good stability under high temperatures and high pressure instantly, he can maintain good stability without deformation

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