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Application of the crucible of quartz ceramics industry
time:2015-07-07 Author:admin

     Because fused silica crucible tongs with a lot of good features, and in many industries have been very widely used. In all areas of industrial applications which, full of good use of all aspects of its features. To better understand how to apply it in various industries, here we take a look at how the industry to take advantage of this clamp crucible.
     In the field of glass processing, quartz ceramic crucible tongs have very important applications. Its application is very easy for glass deep processing, to produce a more refined glass. In the metallurgical industry, too, that the crucible of application, can help refine the metallurgical industry higher purity metals, in addition to metal products processing can be applied to it.
     Quartz ceramic crucible tongs electronics industry which is still widely used, in which the field of application, electronic components can be well processed. Application of the chemical industry is more typical, since it has good chemical stability, it is very good chemical equipment.

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