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Supply of fused silica powder
time:2015-07-07 Author:admin

       Xuzhou Sino quartz Ltd. Xinyi area is the most comprehensive, the most abundant supplier of a full range of quartz, fused silica manufacturers, vendors, the company's flagship fused quartz products are mainly used in electric light source, semiconductors, electric heating, infrared heating, optical communications, chemical and other industries. We produce fused silica sand, quartz powder, silica powder, fused silica powder, high-purity quartz and other products resources, large diameter quartz tube, quartz Pipes, custom enterprise specialized quartz apparatus, quartz electric light bulb shell material quartz glass products company quality products and resources, want to build a quartz mine materials based yuan, covers supermarket quartz products quartz full range of products, customers and friends for the majority of enterprises effort to create a new shopping experience and a new quartz products quartz products procurement platform. If you need to buy fused silica, quartz, and other products, please contact us Xuzhou Sino quartz Ltd. Tel: 0516-88663668

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