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Quartz crucible when used with attention to what?
time:2015-07-07 Author:admin

Quartz crucible when used with attention to what? Here fused silica manufacturers on this issue to a brief introduction.

Quartz crucible can be found at 1450 degrees to use, it points clear and opaque. Translucent quartz crucible arc discharge method is drawn large-diameter silicon, an essential foundation for the development of large scale integrated circuit material. Today, the world's semiconductor industry has been developed using this crucible replaces small transparent quartz crucible. He has a high purity, heat resistance, high precision large size, good insulation, energy saving, stable quality and so on.

Quartz crucible suitable for use K2S2O7, KHSO4 samples and used as a flux melt Na2S207 (first drying at 212 degrees) for flux processing samples.

HF can not contact high temperature, highly caustic effect and carbonates and alkali metals.

Quartz brittle, easily broken, when used to pay attention.

Read the above description, a quartz crucible you use the time to pay attention to what use? With a clear understanding of this issue it?

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